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Cartoon about Mouse droppings found in hospital.

April 4, 2009

nhs_mouse_droppings2 The Times website state Mouse droppings have been found in an operating theatre in a hospital in the West Midlands, raising fresh questions about hygiene standards in the NHS.
Cartoon oppurtunity for patients fainting at the sight of mice doing away for the need of anaesthetic.


Obama meets the queen cartoon

April 2, 2009

Hello, I’m Tony Colligan (T.C.), working as a freelance illustrator providing humorous caricatures and cartoon portraits for personal gifts and commercial use.

If you would like an interesting fun gift for someone special or a cartoon to promote your business then give a try !

 I live in Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire and drawing has always been a passion of mine throughout my life and especially cartoon figures and caricatures.

I’m usually in the middle of drawing something. This cartoon idea came to mind after hearing about Obamas visit to the Queen and what he would make of our monarch. Obama seems like a man of change so if he were given the chance would he get rid of the monarchy ?

If you are interested in using this cartoon please email me

The Queen and Obama sat in Buckingham palace, the Queen showing Obama her photo album ( £20 notes) and one of the corgis looking admiringly at Obama thinking of his famous line CAN WE DO IT ? …..YES WE CAN !

She's such a show off !

She's such a show off !

Hello world!

April 2, 2009

I love to draw funny cartoons on events / stories in the news and on tv. So enjoy the cartoons and let me know what you think and maybe I’ll draw some more…..!