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LADY GAGA Caricature cartoon, A real meat feast

September 26, 2010

Lady Gaga Caricature cartoon showing her half cut side sloping eyes and her long large nose with jowly cheeks and small mouth including overbiting teeth. Great for caricature, a real meat feast !
lady Gaga caricature cartoon, a real meat feast


The Schiffler Endurance Challenge 2010

September 19, 2010

The Schiffler Endurance Challenge 2010 See how the day went
was a great event with fantastic efforts all round however small from both family and friends from Baghdad, Afghanistan to West Virginia, USA. 11 months in the planning and 17 hrs enjoyment on the day. All in the name of Cancer.
In total they raised $8000 and most of all raised awareness.
This is my logo design that they had printed onto T shirts for the day.

This is England 86 caricatures

September 18, 2010

Thomas Turgoose, Shaun and Vicky McClure, Lol. Great characters in the aclaimed This is england 86 channel 4 tv series.

Wayne Rooney not himself allegations

September 6, 2010

Wayne Rooney not himself, allegations that Wayne Rooney is out of sorts and that his private life affected his performance in the world cup.
If he’s not Wayne rooney…..who is he ?
Fabio Capello tries to explain.
Wayne Rooney and Fabio Capello discuss his identity

John Travolta in Paris caricature cartoon

September 5, 2010

John Travolta in Paris caricature cartoon, watched From Paris with love last night, a bit unusual seeing John Travolta without hair, great film, lots of action. I spilt coffee on this one but had to carry on and finish it, might do a digital version.
John Travolta From Paris with love caricature

Jason Manford caricature cartoon

September 5, 2010

Jason Manford caricature cartoon, a proper mancunian comic. aside from the live at the Apollo he now fronts the One show on BBC one.
Jason Manford caricature cartoon

Sean Lock caricature cartoon

September 5, 2010

Sean Lock caricature cartoon, he can come up with the most surreal situations, I’d like to see him in a drama, he could make a really good actor.
Sean Lock caricature cartoon

Jason Byrne caricature cartoon

September 5, 2010

Jason Byrne caricature cartoon, with a manic style of comedy he can pull some crazy expressions. Ideal for caricature.
Jason Byrne caricature cartoon