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Baby Boo Boo crying cartoon

October 31, 2010

Baby crying, just a practise cartoon, testing the difference between the markette marker and a retractable sharpie marker. There’s not much in it but I prefer the markette at the moment probably because I’ve had more time with it. baby_crying_caricature_cartoon


Cartoon Pumpkin….with a hat on ?

October 31, 2010

Halloween pumpkin cartoon drawn with a retractable sharpie marker and prismacolor pencils. I drew a line a bit too thick so I disguised it by putting a hat on.halloween pumpkin cartoon halloween pumpkin cartoon

Ross Noble caricature cartoon

October 19, 2010

Ross Noble caricature cartoon. Saw him on QI the other night, he has a very comedic, active imagination. He can dream up the most surreal ideas instantaneously. He also has a very surreal face.
Ross Noble caricature cartoon

Cher Lloyd X factor singer

October 3, 2010

Caricature, cartoon of Cher Lloyd X factor singer turns her swag on for x factor auditions. Cher wowed the audience with her unique performance to Simon Cowells delight. Cher Lloyd , next singing sensation ?
cher lloyd caricature, x factor

Sketches and doodles

October 2, 2010

Just a couple of sketches I drew last night, experimenting with prismacolour art stix. The cartoon character with his comb over sticking out came from a story of a guy with such a hairstyle who went out in a snowy wind and it stuck sideways.