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Wedding Dancer Cartoon Caricature

October 15, 2011

Wedding Dancer Cartoon Caricature featuring the dad dancing. A typical scene at most weddings is a guy who thinks he’s still got it !…He has ( the inability to dance ! )
and his daughter, embarrassed, knows this only too well !
Wedding Dancer Cartoon Caricature


Adrian Chiles Cartoon Caricature

October 15, 2011

Adrian Chiles Cartoon Caricature drawn with newly aquired Wolf Carbon Pencils.
The friction level on the paper with these pencils seems just right to make a smooth graded line, very nice to use.Adrian Chiles makes a great caricature with his podgy features.
Adrian Chiles cartoon caricature

A few cartoon sketches and doodles inbetween jobs

October 6, 2011

A charming lady in the local diy superstore, she was born to till !
A kid that likes the taste of his own nose.
Some wierd cartoon creatures, I don’t know what I was thinking !
store worker cartoonsnotty kid cartoonsketches and doodles pencil

Gary Barlow and Tulisa Caricature Cartoon Picture on X factor with Robbie Williams.

October 4, 2011

Gary Barlow and Tulisa Caricature Cartoon Picture on X factor , gary thinking about Robbie Williams in those Palm leaves, Robbie Williams came out dressed only in Leaves as Sinita did last year.
Digital Caricature. If you wish to use this image in you publication please use the reproduction liscense button on the side bar or contact
Gary Barlow Tulisa  Caricature Cartoon Picture